SpacePet is an imagineering idea of mine to test the first artificial pet for zero gravity environments. Humans love pets. Humans will spend more time in zero-g. Could artificial pets in zero-g space stations provide valuable monitoring and help reduce stress in astronauts?

2013 Video and Research2006-2008 Proposal | 2006 “Tribble Test | 2006 Light/Sound Test

tiny-ish house before and afterBuilding a tiny-ish green, energy efficient, passive-ish solar, rental/guest house in our Vermont backyardHigh trafficked, long form blog post about a construction project my wife and I managed in our backyard. Featured on, and included videos, animations, hundreds of photos, and a public scpread sheet of costs.Blog post2010-2012

wired news article on noendGroup Cofounder/Facilitator. NoEnd Web Developers Group.

NoEnd Website | Wired News article 1998 | Screenshot of Wired article 1998
NoEnd is a well-known San Francisco Web developers group and a leading online community, with 300+ active members.

Jan 1996 – Present

solar video kitSolar Video Kit

I become obsessed with making a 100% solar-powered, rugged, video blogging kit, with on-board instruction via an instructional video I made and loaded onto the camera. One kit was used in Haiti after the big 2010 earth quake, and one by a student at Marlboro college while in Egypt. The solar panels proved to be too small for practical use.


The green helmet solar bike helmetThe Green Helmet: Solar safety bike helmet

A solar powered, safety lit, weatherproof bike helmet and battery charger.

A featured Instructable | Make Magazine project | Video of functionality and usage


camera with mirror pic in pic2FerCam. Picture in Picture Camera rig.

Camera rig for hands-free operation of small video camera that enabled both people in an interview to be seen at once. Used flexpipe, a make-up mirror and harmonica holder.

Video in Action | Instructable on how it was made | Rig | Rig Being Used | Resulting Picture-In-Picture Video


cong game screen shotCong: COoperative POng game
Programmed a version of the classic Pong game to be based on cooperation. The goal of the game was to get the balls to collide in the middle. Paddles moved constantly up and down. Users pushed a button that released the balls from the paddles toward the center. If both users timed it right, via practice, or hopefully by communicating and cooperating, they BOTH got a point. The next round the paddles would move faster.Video of Cong in Action | Screenshot | Paddles
Fall 2006

mars ball designMars Ball. A spaceship idea.
Prototype design for a Mars transportation and colonization module. Provided both a green house, house, and shaded porch.2006

Narrative in the Round. 360 CameraOther ITP team projects

Busted! Sexy sleuthing eye tracking rig. 2007
Documentation photos and videos used Eye tracking game that challenged users not to look at the sexy parts of actors in clips from the 2007 James Bond movie “Casino Royale.”Judge Me Now & Joke Phone: Cell phone games. 2007Judge Me Now Graphic | Joke Phone Graphic. Two cell phone applications using txt messaging, php, and mySQL.Posture Perfect?: Shoulder tilt measurement. 2007
Screen shot | Working page
Studied shoulder levelness with time-lapse laptop web cam video and shoulder harness.

Emuse. A structured writing toolEmuse Front Page | Characters | Plot Points | Finished Product
Co-creator and manager of Web site with 600+ users making stories outlines. A structured writing tool for creating outlines based on the work of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Uses a backend FileMaker Pro database to save users work.

IT the Identity ToolI.T. The Identity Tool
Screenshot #1 | #2 | #3 | #4.
A Web-based prompted writing tool that helped people create an online identity.1998

Plocktau's Quest For NorthAnimation of little yellow alien Plocktau who can find northMy First EdTech Tutorial. Plocktou’s Quest for North.Screenshot #1 | #2 | #31997

learnlets screenshotLearnlets

Short tutorials about computer skills.”Small doses of knowledge for a fast paced world.”


calebopolis simcity 2000Calebopolis, a featured SimCity 2000.
Screenshot of city | Large image courtesy of Pat Coston | On Pat’s SimCity 2000 Xtreme site | Review | Download CalebopolisReview from SimCity 2000 city download site.I created a well known SimCity 2000 city that was featured in the book, “SimCity 2000, Power Politics and Planning,” by Nick Dargahi and Michael Bremer, published by Prima Publishing, 1994, 421 pgs.1994